First New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 2019

Get ready for an amazing start to 2019. We are blessed to have a full moon and a eclipse so early in the start of the year. Get rid of old baggage from 2018, as well as old habits in this super powerful new moon on January 6 at 1:28 UTC. For time zone in the Americas it happens the evening of the 5th.

This solar eclipse is the perfect start to the upcoming Blood Moon eclipse of 21 January.

Note that the solar eclipse is only visible from mostly parts of the Pacific, Russia, China, Mongolia and the southern tips of Alaska. However, that does not diminish the power of this special day to a great start for 2019 in getting rid of negativity and bad habits. This will help you get ready for the full moon later the month to kick of new and powerful habits and adventures.

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Friday 27 July 2018 is a special day. Not only is it a full moon with a full eclipse for South Africa, but it is also a super fool moon following the Super New moon of the powerful Friday the 13th.

Ride this powerful wave of energy and make your goals a reality so much faster.

The full moon is a perfect time to start new projects or a new slate in your life. However, with the eclipse it is also perfect to get rid of things, like bad habits, bad situations and bad people in your life.

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Candle Magic For Beginners

Super New Moon on Friday the 13th

July the 13th is a very special day for all. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but it is a new moon and super new moon to boot. If you want to get rid of something or do some defensive magic, it is a great time to do so.

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7 August Lunar Eclipse

Get your war water and black candles ready for Monday’s lunar eclipse. This eclipse is quite potent as it takes place at the mid-point of fixed signs. On fixed signs, the middle degree (15) between each of the fixed signs is considered powerful. The eclipse has a connection to each of the outer planets, including Saturn. Expect, transformation, major change, possible chaos, and possible confusion.

With a lunar eclipse, you can do powerful full moon spells, however, with this formation of planets, this eclipse is more suited to get rid of stuff or people. In the time of the eclipse when the moon is dark, it is a exceptionally good time to go to war and return curses, break spells and undo bindings.

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Moons For February 2017

First Quarter moon on 4 February.

Full moon on 11 February.

Last Quarter on 18 February

Dark moon from 23 to 25 February with the strongest being 25 February.

New moon on 26 February