February Blood Moon

11 February 2017 is a full moon, but there will also be an eclipse. That means that there will be a blood moon.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding blood moons. A blood moon occurs during full moon when there is a lunar eclipse. During full moon when an eclipse occurs, the sun’s light passes though the earth’s atmosphere. The light is filtered and refracted due to dust and other particles in the atmosphere. Much of the green to violet light is removed, leaving more red light to hit the moon, making it appear red. The same spells you do during a lunar eclipse can be doe on a blood moon.

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth moves between the sun and the moon. The earth’s shadow then falls on the moon, and blackens it out totally on a full eclipse and partially on a partial eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens during full moon at night, and can last for several hours for a full eclipse. The night would be dark (at the time of a full eclipse), while there is a full moon.

As the moon is actually full and at its strongest, you are working with full moon energy. However, if you use the time when the moon is eclipsed in your area, especially a full eclipse, the full moon energy combines with the dark moon. This is an exceptionally good time for war and breaking spells and curses, or letting go of things.
(From Candle Magic For Beginners, by Electra Valencia)

Strong February 2017 First Quarter Moon

Internal forces are locked in conflict and dispute during the first quarter moon of February that occurs on February 3rd or 4th depending on where you live. With so much conflict, something has to give. Matters are now in motion that cannot be undone, and adaption and change has to occur to move forward. However, with change, comes new and brilliant ways of dealing with problems that could see things moving in your way if you compromise and yield gracefully.

February is going to be a dynamic and insightful month

The new moon of January 27th holds the keys to February’s astrological cycle. Many of the themes from January continue through February with even greater intensity. February is a month for loads of new ideas and insight, however, know that things may not go as planned. Be prepared for setbacks, and look at the lessons February is teaching you so that you can make the rest of the year great.

Candle Magic For Beginners

Just released, Candle Magic For Beginners.

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The book covers from basics such as candle color selection, timing your spell, to incorporating runes, tarot cards, sigils, and power symbols into your spells.

Candle Magic For Beginners

Candle Magic For Beginners