July 2017 Moons

Saterday 1 July, First Quarter

Sunday 9 July, Full Moon

Sunday 16 July, Last Quarter

Sunday 23 July, New Moon

Sunday 30 July, First Quarter

Note that July has two First Quarters.

Mercury, the trouble maker

Mercury is in retrograde again, and actually has been for some time, causing miscommunications, misbehaving electronics, and other headaches such as looking deeper into yourself. The effects will be with us right into May. Although it can be a time of frustration and turmoil, it can also be a time for greater awareness and grabbing of opportunities. Mercury urges us to slow down a bit, and to look deeply into ourself and the problems we create for ourselves. With this retrograde, it is a good time to rewind old habits that no longer serve us, and start afresh.

It is time to change, it is time to grow, and time to take charge of your future. Stop procrastinating, and use the energy available to you right now, and change your destiny.

A dynamic and unpredictable month of April

The month of April has Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Eris all coming together to make our lives more interesting.

April will be a month of looking at your inner self, spiritual fulfillment and possibly create a bit of confusion of your progress in life. Ready or not, April will be a month of transformation. It is up to you to use the energy of this month to make leaps forward, or bump your head in stubbornness to change, while futilely trying to remain in your old habits. This is the perfect time to look deep into yourself and ask, am i doing what i really want to and was meant to do in life? It is also a time to ask if your current situation is working for you, both career and love life. To move forward in the right direction, it is important that we know our deepest values and goals. So make time for meditation and listing to your inner voice, and use the momentum and energy of April to change your life in the direction you need to be.

February Blood Moon

11 February 2017 is a full moon, but there will also be an eclipse. That means that there will be a blood moon.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding blood moons. A blood moon occurs during full moon when there is a lunar eclipse. During full moon when an eclipse occurs, the sun’s light passes though the earth’s atmosphere. The light is filtered and refracted due to dust and other particles in the atmosphere. Much of the green to violet light is removed, leaving more red light to hit the moon, making it appear red. The same spells you do during a lunar eclipse can be doe on a blood moon.

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth moves between the sun and the moon. The earth’s shadow then falls on the moon, and blackens it out totally on a full eclipse and partially on a partial eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens during full moon at night, and can last for several hours for a full eclipse. The night would be dark (at the time of a full eclipse), while there is a full moon.

As the moon is actually full and at its strongest, you are working with full moon energy. However, if you use the time when the moon is eclipsed in your area, especially a full eclipse, the full moon energy combines with the dark moon. This is an exceptionally good time for war and breaking spells and curses, or letting go of things.
(From Candle Magic For Beginners, by Electra Valencia)

Moons For February 2017

First Quarter moon on 4 February.

Full moon on 11 February.

Last Quarter on 18 February

Dark moon from 23 to 25 February with the strongest being 25 February.

New moon on 26 February