Numerology Shadow Number

Shadow Number: Excerpt From the book, Numerology by Electra Valencia

The shadow number is the dark side or the opposite side of the life path number. It shows you the things that can trip you up from learning your lesson or following your life path.

To find your shadow number, subtract your life path number from 10. For instance, a 3 life path has a 7 shadow number.

Life Path Number 1 / Shadow Number 9
As you go for independence and having things your way, be aware of the effect you and your decisions have on the people around you.

Life Path Number 2 / Shadow Number 8
Trust your gut more and stop over analyzing things so much.

Life Path Number 3 / Shadow Number 7
Your brain is often constantly racing. Relax and meditate at least 10 to 20 minutes a day to find calmness.

Life Path Number 4 / Shadow Number 6
Step back and allow others to make their mistakes and learn their lessons their way.

Life Path Number 5 / Shadow Number 5
Your life path mirrors your shadow side.

Life Path Number 6 / Shadow Number 4
Become secure in yourself and do not allow other people’s insecurity to affect you.

Life Path Number 7 / Shadow Number 3
Learn to enjoy life and have some fun.

Life Path Number 8 / Shadow Number 2
Make sure you have all the facts before you judge a person or situation.

Life Path Number 9 / Shadow Number 1
The 9 wants to help the world and may feel guilty if it does not help. The 1 urges to think of themselves more and wants people to be independent. This can result in a hate for material possessions and feeling guilty for having or wanting money.

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Numerology. Discover what is is and how it works

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Numerology will show you more about your personality, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, inner wishes and desires, life path, soul purpose, and more. It will help you understand opportunities and influences in your life, and how to make the best of them. Numerology is not to foretell the future. It provides you with understanding and keys to explore and discover your own potential and destiny.

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These calculations and understandings will help you choose a suitable career, home, relationship, discover your natural abilities and strengths, your challenges, life lessons, and your potential.

The relationship between people is explored by showing you how people’s soul urge and expression numbers affect the relationship. As well as how to compare other numbers in a relationship to help you choose the right partner or make the most of your current relationship.

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