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Aug 6th, 2017 Comments: 0

7 August Lunar Eclipse

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Get your war water and black candles ready for Monday’s lunar eclipse. This eclipse is quite potent as it takes place at the mid-point of fixed signs. On fixed signs, the middle degree (15) between each of the fixed signs is considered powerful. The eclipse has a connection to each of the outer planets, including Saturn. Expect, transformation, major change, possible chaos, and possible confusion.

With a lunar eclipse, you can do powerful full moon spells, however, with this formation of planets, this eclipse is more suited to get rid of stuff or people. In the time of the eclipse when the moon is dark, it is a exceptionally good time to go to war and return curses, break spells and undo bindings.

For some easy curse and hex breaking spells see my book Candle Magic.

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